Advisory Board

Meetings for 2016-17

  • Fall meeting, August 31st, 2016
  • Spring meeting, January TBA

2016-2017 Members

  • Allen, Rachel (Peace and Justice Institute, Valencia State College)
  • Anthony, Amanda (Sociology, WGST Faculty Affiliate, YWLP Researcher)
  • Barnickel, Amy (Writing & Rhetoric, WGST Faculty Affiliate)
  • Bubriski-McKenzie, Anne (WGST, YWLP Coordinator)
  • Col√≥n Mendoza, Ilenia (School of Visual Arts & Design, WGST Faculty Affiliate)
  • DelVecchio, Lisa S. (Law Firm/Florida Underwriting Counsel, Stewart Title Guaranty Company)
  • Eskamani, Anna V. (Planned Parenthood)
  • Grauholz, Liz (Sociology, WGST Faculty Affiliate)
  • Kaplan, Judy (Donor, Veteran Feminists of America, NOW)
  • Knapp, Barbara (Pace School, AAUW Winter Park/Orlando branch)
  • McDonald, Holly (School of Performing Arts (Theater), WGST Faculty Affiliate)
  • Moran, Carrie (UCF Library, WGST Faculty Affiliate)
  • Preston-Sidler, Leandra (WGST, Curriculum Committee Chair)
  • Reyes-Foster, Beatriz (Anthropology, WGST Faculty Affiliate)
  • Robinson, Camille (WGST student)
  • Ruff, Emily (School of Holistic Living)
  • Sandoval, Jennifer (Nicholson School of Communication, WGST Faculty Affiliate)
  • Voss, Kim (Nicholson School of Communication, WGST Faculty Affiliate)


  • Brodie, Lyman (CAH Area Studies Coordinator, CAH Executive Dean)
  • Hunter, Tina (WGST Office Manger)
  • Mercado, Donna (WGST and Latin American Studies Admission Specialist)