What is YWLP?
The Young Women Leaders Program is an after-school, curriculum-based mentoring program that assigns one 7th-grade girl to one UCF woman student. UCF mentors meet with their mentees eight times per semester, using group discussion, group activity, pair discussion and pair activity. Learn More

Alumni Spotlight

Heather Graves


Please give us a little background information about yourself (where you were born, what brought you to UCF, hobbies, what you studied at UCF, etc) I was born and raised in the Central Florida area and chose to go to UCF after completing my A.A. at community college. I came into UCF wanting to study Sociology but was led to focusing on Women’s Studies. I am appreciative of the learning experience the Interdisciplinary Studies – Women’s Studies Track provided me with, as I was able to take courses that focused on women and literature, women in society, mental health, social justice, feminism, and so much more. Who or what inspires you? People who fight for those who aren’t able to- for those who have no voice, whose voices have been silenced, and/or who society deems as unimportant. My mother, for letting me be whoever I wanted to be. My amazing friends, who believe in justice... Read More


Faculty Affiliate interviewed by Transgress Magazine

Joanna Mishtal, Ph.D., Women's and Gender Studies Affiliate Faculty and Associate Professor of Anthropology was interviewed by writer Vince Darcangelo for Transgress Magazine’s ‘Ensuing Chapters’ blog and GoodReads about her new book, “The Politics of Morality: The Church, the State and Reproductive Rights in Postsocialist Poland” (Ohio University... Read More

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