Get Involved

Be Part of YWLP!

Join a supportive community of college women and faculty, meet dynamic middle school girls, and embark upon one of your most meaningful learning experiences at UCF!

Be a YWLP Big Sister:

As a Big Sister, you will be matched with a local 7th grade middle school girl. You and she and 5-7 other pairs of Big/Little Sisters meet as a group after school twice a month. You’ll also spend time with just your Little Sister doing fun activities in the Orlando area. Participation as a Big Sister may also be counted toward UCF Service Learning!

Eligibility to be a Big Sister includes:

  1. Good academic standing
  2. Clean background check
  3. Make a one-year (Fall & Spring) commitment to be a Big Sister
  4. Course requirements (EFFECTIVE Fall 2018)
    • Completed or enrolled (Fall semester of being a Big Sister), one of the courses below:
      1. WST 3020: Girls’ Studies
      2. WST 3371: Women and Leadership
        • WST 3371: “Women and Leadership” is required to be a YWLP Facilitator
    • Enroll in a one-credit WST Special Project course in the Spring semester of YWLP
      • Offered on Wed., 3:15pm-4:45pm and is part of the YWLP Sister Meetings
      • Evaluation is Pass/Fail and based on meeting Big Sister expectations as outlined in the Big Sister Packet you receive during training.

 YWLP Big Sister Application

Be a YWLP Facilitator:

Once you have been a Big Sister for at least one year, are in good standing with YWLP, and successfully completed the course WST 3371: Women and Leadership, you may apply to be a YWLP Facilitator!

Facilitators lead all Big Sister and Little Sister Meetings. There are eight Facilitators every year with two Facilitators assigned to each participating middle school.  All Facilitators meet once a week with the YWLP Coordinator to prepare for Sister Meetings. Becoming a Facilitator gives you a great opportunity to enhance and grow your leadership skills while making a difference not only in girls’ lives but also your college sisters’ lives! If you are interested in applying to be a Facilitator, contact the YWLP Program Coordinator.