Get Involved

Be Part of YWLP!

Join a supportive community of college women and faculty, meet dynamic middle school girls, and embark upon one of your most meaningful learning experiences at UCF!

Be a YWLP Big Sister:

As a Big Sister, you will be matched with a local 7th grade middle school girl. You and she and 5-7 other pairs of Big/Little Sisters meet as a group after school twice a month. You’ll also spend time with just your Little Sister doing fun activities in the Orlando area. Participation as a Big Sister may also be counted toward UCF Service Learning!

Eligibility to be a Big Sister includes:

  1. Good academic standing
  2. Clean background check
  3. Make a one-year (Fall & Spring) commitment to be a Big Sister
  4. Course requirements (EFFECTIVE Fall 2018)Exte
    • Completed or enrolled (Fall semester of being a Big Sister), one of the courses below:
      1. WST 3020: Girls’ Studies
      2. WST 3371: Women and Leadership
        • WST 3371: “Women and Leadership” is required to be a YWLP Facilitator
    • Enroll in a one-credit WST Special Project course in the Spring semester of YWLP
      • Offered on Wed., 3:15pm-4:45pm and is part of the YWLP Sister Meetings
      • Evaluation is Pass/Fail and based on meeting Big Sister expectations as outlined in the Big Sister Packet you receive during training.

 YWLP Big Sister Application

Big Sister Application Deadline Extended to April 15th!

Be a YWLP Facilitator:

Once you have been a Big Sister for at least one year, are in good standing with YWLP, and successfully completed the course WST 3371: Women and Leadership, you may apply to be a YWLP Facilitator!

Facilitators lead all Big Sister and Little Sister Meetings. There are eight Facilitators every year with two Facilitators assigned to each participating middle school.  All Facilitators meet once a week with the YWLP Coordinator to prepare for Sister Meetings. Becoming a Facilitator gives you a great opportunity to enhance and grow your leadership skills while making a difference not only in girls’ lives but also your college sisters’ lives! If you are interested in applying to be a Facilitator, contact the YWLP Program Coordinator.