In order to enroll in an internship through the Women’s Studies Program, the following minimum requirements must be met:

  • GPA of 3.0 overall, or higher
  • Junior/Senior standing
  • Women’s Studies minor; or B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies with concentration in Women’s Studies or Womanist Studies
  • 9 hours completed in Women’s Studies courses, including the two required core courses (WST 3015 and one theory courses)
  • Students are limited to two internships. Only one internship counts toward the minor; the second counts as a general elective
  • Approval by WS Director

A student interested in a Women’s Studies internship must take the following steps, prior to the first week of classes:

  • Contact the internship agency and arrange a meeting with the agency internship supervisor. During the meeting, the student and internship supervisor will discuss duties, expectations, and evaluative methods.
  • Contact the UCF faculty member who will be responsible for directing the academic side of the internship and arrange a meeting. This may be any faculty member affiliated with the Women’s Studies program or the Women’s Studies Director. During the meeting, the faculty member and student will discuss readings, assignments, evaluative methods, and expectations.
  • Student, professor, and internship supervisor sign internship contract. (See Forms).
  • Professor will complete UCF Undergraduate Registration Agreement for the Internship. Both professor and student will sign, then must obtain the signature of the Director of Women’s Studies, who must contact the Dean’s Office for an internship class number. Once the class number is assigned and the form signed by the Director, the student will walk the form to CAHSA, in order to complete enrollment in the internship.

Requirements for WST3940 or WST4941

Activity Due Date Grade Percentage
Email daily activity log and journal connecting internship with readings, professor’s questions Due weekly (Fridays by 11:59 p.m.) 20%
Supervisor’s evaluation Midterm and final Consideration of supervisor’s comments will be included in final grade
3 Progress Reports
  1. Week 1:Learning Goals
  2. Midterm: Assessment and Revision of Learning Goals (Due last day of midterm week)
  3. Final: 1 page summary and self-evaluation (due last day of finals week)
Up to 15 hours per week on site As agreed with supervisor Required
Final Research or internship project as appropriate Due with Final Progress Report 70%
Readings as assigned Connected to journal entries, final project Required

Student objectives

Students who complete their internships successfully will:

  • connect academic knowledge with field experience
  • acquire an academic and theoretical knowledge base about issues related to women and gender in the workplace
  • develop oral and written communication skills in their professional fields
  • develop knowledge of professional and activist directions for graduates of Women’s Studies programs
  • become familiar with different strategies and styles of leadership effective for women in the workplace
  • use readings to analyze and reflect critically in writing on how academic knowledge applies to their internship experience
  • learn how to apply their knowledge of diverse viewpoints in a workplace environment
  • if possible, develop a learning community of fellow interns through WebCT in which they use a common language and converse about common readings