YWLP – SLAM (Science Leadership and Mentoring

Events funded by AAUW Community Action Grant 2016-2017

Pumpkin Patch Party (math)

  • Reviewed and discussed “cool careers” that use/need math
  • Prepared pumpkin pudding using measuring skills and fractions
  • Pumpkin graphing activity

 UCF Arboretum (ecology)

  • Advance ecological knowledge, promote natural resource conservation, and support human and environmental well-being
  • Comprehensive outdoor laboratory to support relevant, experience-based learning, urban ecology research, and human connection with ecosystems and landscapes
  • Little and Big Sisters tree planting

 Starry Night (astronomy)

  • UCF Robinson Observatory is a research and education facility
  • Explored the solar system through telescopes and other equipment.
  • Guest Speaker, Dr. Adrienne Dove, UCF Assistant Professor of Physics

 Engineering Day (engineering)

  • Guest Speaker, Dr. Pamela McCauley, UCF Professor of Engineering and award winning internationally recognized speaker inspired the group about women and girls’ leadership in STEM
  • MadScience Engineering Workshop and take-home project

 UCF Day (health science careers)

  • Big Sisters discussed their health science majors and career aspirations
  • MadScience DNA Workshop and take-home project
  • STEM Dream Cards
  • Goal Dream Cards

 Movie Night – “Hidden Figures”

 Orlando Science Museum